XVI INTERACTIONS International Art Festival
Spaces of dispute / spaces of negotiation

Interactions 2014 is an art festival combining two approaches to the issue of performance art, search the first I call the manifestation of the idea and the second an open process, cialis finding the right proportions between these areas should create an optimal formula for a contemporary, modern action art festival.

We want to rely on the strategy developed in the fifteen years of experience of the "Interactions" festival, at the same time opening the field of experience resulting from the specificity of performance art. We propose to create an "art in process" festival, assuming that in addition to the presentation function, the festival will be a place generating new projects resulting from workshop meetings. In addition to the segment of activities, we assume the creation of a plane for the exchange of thoughts and opening a discussion on the theory of practice based on the series "Performance on theory" extending the field of performance art by indicating the natural contexts which are the boundaries of art disciplines. For this part of the festival, we propose the slogan "What do pictures want from us?"

Another goal of the festival is to create and present new works in the field of performance art and its development strategies functioning in the spaces of visual communication based on the boundaries of sculpture, drawing, dance, photography, etc. The tool for implementing these assumptions will be the new formula of the festival treated as an open experience of art in the process. Performance art, despite only a few decades of tradition, has built an authority which is reflected in the creation of performance art departments in American and European art museums, as well as the establishment of performance art studios and departments at many universities in Poland and around the world.

The specific goal is to show the creative attitudes of the new generation of artists confronted with the educational tradition influencing the development of a strong, substantively rich discipline of art, which is the broadly understood performance art. It is important to notice and analyze its intermedia context. It is of great importance to enable generational and programmatic confrontation of artists from different parts of Europe, which may result in a dispute about values, which is desirable and necessary for the development of art. Performance as a discipline of art created its definitions outside of official institutions such as museums, official art centers or academies. The dynamic, global development of this art discipline resulted in the effects of great festivals such as Performa in New York, the performance section at Documenta in Kassel, the participation of performance artists in the Venice Biennale, and the creation of educational programs at art academies and universities. The end of the 1990s in the world and the beginning of the 21st century in Poland fundamentally changed the nature and quality of reflection on performance art, locating its focuses in many different points on the cultural map of the world.

We assume that our festival will create an opportunity to recognize a new situation, the basic segments of which create spaces of creation and confrontation, theoretical reflection and historical reflection. Such a diagnosis of the situation entitles me to participate in many projects which indicate the fundamental importance of the open process of creating a work of art that defines its own educational program. My ambition is to extend the boundaries of the "Interactions" festival to the areas of workshop and educational experiences treated as autonomous spaces of contemporary art.

JB 2014