? Interactions? show both phenomena already known and recognized in contemporary? living art? (mainly performance) as well as young, seeking art, which often cannot be clearly classified as defined genres. Both the so-called classics of the genre who started their creative path back in the sixties and seventies, as well as young artists unknown to a wider audience. For these young artists, the festival is an excellent opportunity to confront their creative path with the experiences of older artists. About 180 artists from over 30 countries around the world have presented themselves in the festivals so far.
The festival is not only an overview of the current work of the invited artists. They are also theoretical presentations including demonstrations or documentary exhibitions, meetings with authors, open lectures, workshops and discussion panels. The above-mentioned forms are carried out by artists participating in the festival as well as critics, art historians and academic staff of art universities.

The program of each edition of the Festival is built on the basis of the person of the artistic curator, which allows us to present a certain coherent opinion about this art. Then the festival is more than just a set of names. Such a view allows us to see in the multitude of forms of contemporary art something more than just individual artistic decisions, but also trends and tendencies, regional dependencies, the influence of different cultures, civilization contexts, and historical experiences, thus proving that comparative research is possible in this area of art.
Artur Grabowski is the artistic curator of this year's Festival. From his curatorial text:
? Contradiction and emotions. These two words can be used to close the main idea of this year's festival. When choosing artists, I was guided primarily by a high artistic level, but the priority was to compose a list according to the key of relative contrasts: static? dynamism, aesthetic order? chaos, visual sphere? audio sphere, group spectacular? intimate ephemeralism, cultural differences, hot? cold. ... The festival is not only artists against the established hierarchy, but also a spectator - a man, with his emotions, resilience and interpretation. During this type of event, we are waiting for this special moment, this fragment of life that will remain in our memory for a longer time. The challenge is to build a program that keeps its drama and tension from start to finish. The relentless high level of emotion is most important to the success of such an endeavor. This can be done by skillfully diversifying the content of the program, composing it so that the artists correspond with each other, enter into dialogue and contradictions. Contrasts such as: cultural, temporal, aesthetic, color, flavor, spatial and, of course, thematic diversity are the most important elements of the program structure. I also want to create a program that will comprehensively touch the broadly understood "action art", and the map of activities will cover the area and range of impact not only limited by the gallery space but also the public space




6.00 p.m. ceremonial opening, ODA, Dąbrowskiego 5

  1. OFF Interactions: Małgorzata Michałowska (ASP Szczecin)
  2. Istvan Kantor (Canada)
  3. Herma Auguste Wittstock (Germany)
  4. Roi Vaara (Finland)
  5. Stelarc (Australia)


13.00-16.00 performance of various artists in the city space, Rynek Trybunalski

16.00 opening of the exhibition by Przemysław Kwiek, ODA, ul. Sieradzka 8

18.00-22.00 ODA, ul. Dąbrowskiego 5

  1. OFF Interactions: Przemysław Branas (Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow)
  2. Giovanni Fontana (Italy)
  3. Michelle Rheaume (Canada)
  4. Mannet Villariba (Philippines)
  5. Mehdi Farajpour (Iran / France)
  6. Gim Gwang Cheol (Korea)
  7. Z? EV (USA) & Hati (Poland)


13.00-16.00 performance of various artists in the city space - any space in the city

18.00-22.00 ODA, ul. Dąbrowskiego 5

  1. OFF Interactions: Monika Szydłowska (Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań)
  2. Ramon Churruca (Spain)
  3. Moe Satt (Burma)
  4. Antoni Karwowski (Poland)
  5. BBB Johannes Deimling (Germany)
  6. NONGRATA (Estonia)


12.00-16.00 performance in the urban space, Focus Mall shopping mall

18.00-22.00 ODA, ul. Dąbrowskiego 5

  1. OFF Interaction: Natalia Sekuła (Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław)
  2. OFF Interactions: Hubert Wińczyk (ASP Poznań)
  3. Jeff Huckleberry (USA)
  4. Jouni Partanen (Finland)
  5. Ko Z Hkawng Gyung (Burma)
  6. Ryszard Piegza (Poland / France)
  7. Pancho Lopez (Mexico)


18.00-22.00 ODA, ul. Dąbrowskiego 5

  1. OFF Interaction: Martyna Wolna (Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk)
  2. Final presentation of the BBB Johannes Deimling workshop
  3. Restaurant Europa Group (Poland)
  4. Przemysław Kwiek (Poland)
  5. Jan Świdziński (Poland)
  6. Jacques Van Poppel (Netherlands)
  7. Jerzy Truszkowski (Poland) with the band? concert


- the program may be slightly changed