Artur Piegza

Artur Piegza's performance at Interactions was also his debut. Performance, ampoule which he prepared was based on sound and projected images. In his action, the artist also used leaflets with a robot's head and two sculptures in the shape of a head. One of them - made of wire, he put on his head.

Martyna Wolna

Can her performance be considered minimalist in terms of the props used? cans of Coca-Cola and a bucket with a cloth. However, by using them and using her own body, she managed to create many contexts, decease relating to the shaping of the space around one another, ambulance and the consumer culture that surrounds us. The artist poured the contents of Coca-Cola cans onto the floor, then wiped the floor with a rag. Her ability to maintain long eye contact with the audience and calmness in carrying out individual activities, which is rare in novice performers, also drew attention.

Final presentation of the participants of the workshops conducted by BBB
Johannes Deimling

The presentation was based on the simultaneous activity of workshop participants. Each of them operated "in their own space", independently of the others. It can be said that each of them performed a performance of one gesture, but the actions of individual participants of the action contributed to a coherent whole. Everyone had a few economical props and their own body. Looking at the individual speeches of art students and participants of Deimling workshops, one could get the impression that you can learn more during a week of intensive work than during studies at the academy.

Przemysław Kwiek

The artist describes his performances as Appearance. For this he engaged young people. He gathered them in a small space where they could improvise various activities. Sam remained in the audience, recording the scene with the camera. As part of his activities, the artist opened the field of activity for other people. It often happens, at this year's Interactions, it was also the case that the performer draws viewers into his action, but they perform the actions assigned by him. Interactions have always brought together creative, committed young people, so Kwiek decided to use their potential in his art, which would not be possible at another festival.

Pancho Lopez

The set design was a round glass bowl on a pedestal. Next to it were canisters filled with, as it later turned out, beer. The artist slowly poured the contents of the canisters into a glass vessel. He arranged the emptied canisters in such a way that the inscription "Love" was exposed. As the action began to wear out the audience a bit, Lopez suddenly reached for a stick and broke a glass vessel with it. The artist showed an excellent sense of time and knowledge of the psyche of the audience.

Richard Piegza

An important element of this performance were two projections: one showing a burning bottle of vodka, the other - with a view of grass, projected onto the floor from a small projector. The elements that completed the whole were circles spread on the floor, set in motion from time to time by the artist, which made them a new space for projection.

Europa Restaurant Group

The subject of the speech was a game with the word? Performance ”. At the end of the action, five artists, whose usual performance outfit is a suit and a white shirt, presented themselves to the audience in T-shirts with the inscription? I am performan. The group has developed a characteristic style of its speeches, in which the essential role is played by choreography based on the integrated movements of artists.

Jacques Von Poppel

The performance of this artist can be considered a kind of "performance story", which was divided into several distinct parts. The artist played the role of the narrator and commentator. It contains both amusing and reflective elements. At the beginning, the performer announced that he would speak English with a French accent, which gave the intended comic effect. He confessed that he could not prepare for the performance due to excessive beer consumption. While he was preparing the scenery for his performance, i.e. a kind of "altar", which consisted of toys, devotional items and flowers, which he was going to present to the patron of Interaction - Jan Świdziński, the artist showed the audience a fragment of Jan Jakub Kolski's film? Pornography ?. In the last part of the speech, the performer? Changed his clothes? for the Chinese. He painted his face yellow, wore a black shirt, and sat motionless in front of the drums, listening to classical music.


Anka Leśniak, Karolina Jabłońska