IV Day of Interakcje Festival

27.09 Relation from the festival: Marta Ryczkowska The last interaction of the 21st performance festival was the perfect culmination of a four-day festival festival. She pointed to the dominant moods of our time: uncertainty, anxiety, fear of interpersonal contact. An important motif was the word – its weight, meaning, viscosity and susceptibility to transformation. The […]

III Day of Interakcje Festival 2019

26.09 The author of relation is Marta Ryczkowska. The third day of „Interaction” revealed further fields of dialogue. This time the relation between the past and present generation, rising and setting, and different approaches to the issue of time were strongly heard. The young generation feels the impending end and the specter of an impending […]

II Day of Interakcje Festival 2019

25.09 The author of relation is Marta Ryczkowska. The next day of „Interaction” is a meeting of the PRL boys with a new wave, a young generation of performance artists. Clashes came to the fore: cool historical reflection versus intuition, fantasy about the future and post-apocalypse, history about Poland and stories from the district. The […]

1st day of Interactions Festival 2019

24.09 The first day of the Interakcje festival was marked by intergenerational meetings. “Chłopcy PRL-owcy kontra Dzieci z Czarnej Dziury” – this year’s festival title and “Dyfuzje czasu” an exhibition prepared by Grzegorz Borkowski are two interpenetrating signals that art is wider than the generation and tendencies of the era. It takes place in a […]