Zygmunt Piotrowski (born 1947). He finished Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1968-74). Since the beginning of 70s he has been an active member of independent culture movement ( self-education group A-B, Collegiate Centre ?Dziekanka?, Warsaw), where he was conducting  interdisciplinary design studies of problems of collaboration in process of creation (1972-81). He is a performer. Since 70s he has worked in his own discipline called Groundwork Fine Art . He was one of the founders of international performance artists group ?Black Market? in 1985, which he has left in 1988 in order to start an individual activity. Within years 1987-1990 he concretized the vision of his art activity by referring to a term HERITAGE and defining  it as individual religion experience and contemplative practice, recognized  in rigors of the process of creation. Since 80s he has created own publications ?Work at roots?. Since 2009 he has conducted the activity as NOAH WARSAW, expanding discipline ART FOREGROUND.