Z’EV (born Stefan Joel Weisser) is an American poet, sound artist, musician whose musical interests focus on percussion. After studying various world music traditions at CalArts, he began creating his own percussion sounds out of industrial materials for a variety of small yet intrepid record labels. Having worked as a professional musician since 1963, regarded as a pioneer of industrial music, he is now a U.K.-based sound artist. While but one of the progenitors of the ‘industrial movement’ in the mid-70’s, he, along with Neil Megson, was primarily responsible for delivering the ‘tribal’ impulse and esthetic into the Western cultural milieu between the years 1978-1984. While generally most known as a solo performer, since 2003 he has concentrated on cooperative and collaborative composition and performance, recording and performing with a wide range of artists from Oren Ambarchi to Merzbow, Stephen O’Malley, Pita, Chris Watson, Genesis P. Orridge, John Zorn and HATI.