Vlodko Kaufman

Born 1957, Karaganda (Kazakhstan)

1974-1978 – studied at the Ivan Trush School of Applied and Decorative Arts

1978-1980 – studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute (Architecture)

1989-1993 – Member of the Art Society „Path”

1993 – co-founder of the Art Association „Dzyga”

2007 – co-founder of the „Institute of Contemporary Art”

Curator of the festival ?Days of Performance Art in Lviv? (Ukraine)

Curator of the ?Week of Contemporary Art? (Lviv, Ukraine)

Collaborating with Les Kurbas Academic Theatre (Lviv), Ivan Franko Ukrainian National Drama

Theatre (Kyiv).

Solo exhibitions and projects:

1993 – „Letters to the Earthligs, or Eighth Printing?, happening, Lviv Art Gallery

1993 – „Unfathomable Destruction”, project-installation, Lviv Art Gallery

1994 – „Mirror Carp”, happening, transformation, Znesinnia park, Lviv

1994 – „Birthday”, happening, Powder Tower, Lviv

1995 – „Food”, performance, Art Workshop of E. Myskiv, Lviv

1995 – „Comedy of Ecstasy”, performance, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

1996 – „Retrospection”, performance and installation, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

1997 – „Versions of Filling”, installation, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

1998 – „The Returning of Icarus”, art-mix, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

1998 – „Diary” (with N.Shymin), performance-installation, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

1999 – „Time-Constant. Vydyvo I”, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2000 – „Second Hand (from the second hands). Vydyvo II”, gallery „Dziga”, Lviv

2000 – „Cathing of Time. Vydyvo III”,  gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2001 – „This Is Not Freedom Yet…”, art-provocation in the streets of the city, vydyvo, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2001 – „Mirror Cross”, project-installation, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2001 – „And You, Bruno…”, project-installation, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2002 – „Mechanical Anatomy of Sound”, performance-installation-object, Powder Tower, Lviv, route Kiev (10 km), Hamaliyivske peat bog

2002 – „Playing the Game”, printing, project, gallery „Dzyga”, „Az-Art” publisher house, Lviv

2002 – „Technology of Responsiveness”, installed painting, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv, „Sensus”, Kyiv

2003 – „In the Focus of Dream”, installation, performance, club-gallery „K-11”, Kyiv

2003 – „In memory of Duchamp”, performance, club-cafe „Doll”, Lviv

2004-2006 – „Quotes for Nests”, installed graphics, objects, photo, club-gallery „K-11”, Kyiv, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv, Sea Gallery, Odesa, gallery „Alchemy”, Cracow

2004-2005 – „Falling of the Flight”, perfomance, video-art, Lviv, Kyiv, Cracow.

2005-2006 – „Utilization of Nostalgia”, installed painting, gallery „Dzyga”, cafe „Under the Hourglass”, Lviv

2007-2010 – „Karpatorozdil (Carpathian Divide)”, painting, installation, gallery „Dzyga”, Palace of Arts, Lviv, Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art, Kyiv

2008 – „Home Tour”, performance, festival „Art-Depot”, Lviv

2008 – „Holy Poltva”, installation, festival „Art-Depot”, Lviv

2008 – „Declaration of Emptiness”, performance, festival „GogolFest”, Kyiv

2008 – „The Spectacle in the Clock”, performance and video-art, vydyvo in clockwork of Town Hall in Drohobych, III International Festival of Bruno Schulz, Drogobych

2008-2010 – „B.N”, installation, performance, „Week of Contemporary Art”, Lviv

2009 – „Chessboard”, performance, project ?L2?, Lublin, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2009 – „Ptakhoterapiya (Therapy of Birds)”, installed graphics, gallery „Dzyga”, Lviv

2009-2012 – „Ecotheatre”, object, Lublin, Popovychi, Lviv

2010-2015 – „Ryboterapiya (Therapy of Fishes)”, „Centrum Kultury”, Lublin, gallery „Rotunda”, Poznan, „Municipal Gallery”, Kharkiv, gallery „Dzyga”, Palace of Arts, Lviv.

2010 – „Time of Fish”, performance, V International Festival of Bruno Schulz, Drogobych

2010-2014 – „Attempt of Premonition”, transformation in performance, installation, happening, Popovychi, Cracow, Tel Aviv, Kyiv

2011 – „Ecomutation”, performance, „Days of Performance Art in Lviv”

2011 – „Ecorestoration”, installation, Lublin

2013 – „The Shoring”, installation, gallery „Detenpyla”, Lviv

2014 – „Volunteers”, installation, „Week of Contemporary Art”, Lviv

2014 – „Freedom is:”, installation, „Museum of Maidan/Museum of Freedom”, Kyiv