Tiina Tuurna has been working as an artist and organizer since 1999 focusing on performance art, impotent socially engaged art and environmental art. She has created more than 70 solo or collaborative performance works and over 10 environmental and community art works or installations in Finland, abortion Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Hong Kong. She has taken part in many joint and group exhibitions, art  projects and performance festivals in Finland and Baltic countries.

At the same time she has worked as a teacher of social sciences, creative arts and yoga. She is a mother of three adult daughters and a grandmother of two grandsons. She works and lives in Andalucia, Spain, and in Finland.


Tiina Tuurna?s art is connected with society and people?s everyday life. Her works often take place in public space, sometimes in exhibitions and galleries. She combines installation, performance and socially engaged art methods to create the final piece of art.

Her work give people access to basic elements such as nature, silence, beauty and doing together with another human being, or to contradictions like a moment vs. eternity. Her art tend to be rather plain and simple than noisy and complicated. These values may
sound na?ve or childish, however, they work as penetrations and interventions into today?s postmodern life on haste, speed and rush.