Sandra Sterle (born 1965) is an artist, currently working as associate professor of Performance and Video at the Art Academy in Split, Croatia. In 1989, she graduated at the Sculpture Departement of the Academy of Visual Art in Zagreb and continued her studies at Departement of Film and Video at Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf, 1995-96 ( prof. Nan Hoover ). From 1991 to 2000 was based in Amsterdam, where she recived grants and comissions of her work . From 2000 till 2001 she worked in U.S.A. She has been presenting her work in galeries, festivals and residencies and from 1995. Her works featured in most important retrospectives of Croatian video art like ?Frame by Frame?, ?Personal Cinema Program?, ?Insert? and the Dutch retrospective ?A Short History of Dutch Video Art?. awards / residencies 1996 Basis Beurs, Amsterdam, NL 1997 SHAVE, International Artist Workshop, Somerset symposium: International views of the place of the artist, Gasworks gallery, London, GB 1997 Bogdanka Poznanovic award, best young video artist, VideoMedeja, Novi Sad,Y U 1998 Basis Beurs, Amsterdam, NL 1999 ArtsLink Residency, Wexner Art Centre, Columbus, U.S.A. 1999 Werkbeurs, Amsterdam, NL 2001 The Future of the Present, Franklin Furnace, NY 2001 ArtsLink Special project go HOME, NY exhibitions solo 2011 MARISKA AVEDON, exhibition, VN Gallery, Zagreb 2011 APPARITION OF VIRGIN MARRY, City of Woman, Ljubljana 2011 TRANSIT, Perform-d-ance, Varaždin 2010 RE:RE:RE:RE:RE, exhibition, MKC/Multimedia Center, Split 2009 NEW PATH TO THE WATHERFALL, presentation, Gallery Prozori, Zagreb 2009 NEW PATH TO THE WATHERFALL, , performance, Dopust, Akvarij , Split 2008 NAUSEA, performance, Dopust, Akvarij, Split 2006 WONDERFULL CREATURES, exhibition (s/with Dan Oki), Gallery Krizic-Roban, Zagreb 2005 INTEGRATIONS/who wants to play?, exhibition, 2005 Gallery Galženica, Velika Gorica, HR 2004 NA DINI/ON THE DUNE, exhibition, Jablonka/Luehn galerija, Koln, D 2004 ZONA, performans, Kazamat, Osijek, HR 2003 ON THE DUNE, Modern Gallery/studio ?Josip Racic?, Zagreb 2001 SOUFFLE/ BREATHING, exhibition (with Heike Mutter), Optica gallery, Montreal 2001 go_HOME, project (with Danicom Dakić), Location 1 Gallery, NY 1999 EXERCISES, exhibition, Lokaal 21, Venlo, NL 1998 ROUND AROUND, exhibition, Miroslav Kraljevic galerija, Zagreb 1998 TO FORGET TO REMEMBER AND TO KNOW, project (s/with Dan Oki), Amsterdam College, Amsterdam 1997 ROUND AROUND, broadcast, PARK4DTV, Amsterdam, NL 1995 TRANSFORMATION CULINAIRE , happening (with Dan Oki, Ivo Martinović, Luka Stojnić), W139 Gallery, Amsterdam


APPARITION OF VIRGIN MARY SANDRA STERLE Multimedia Performance 20? In the performance Apparition of the Virgin Mary, the artist explores the new face of religion in the Middle and East European countries in transition. There are specific relations between religious icons and social aspects of capital accumulation. In many cities, new urban landscape often consists of architecture of new churches and huge shopping malls. In the performance, the artist, dressed as the figure of Virgin Mary stands on a pedestal made up from a pile of free supermarket catalogues, the ones we so frequently find in front of our doors. After descending from the pedestal, the artist spreads the catalogues around the floor and walks over them.   photos: Vlasta Žanić