Transdisciplinary group gathered around a series of performative experiences for two years now. Boris Dambly, Elisa Espen, Julie Gilbert, Valentin Périlleux, Madely Schott, Britta Vossmerbäumer began their respective educations in various sections of the art school la Cambre before meeting on the occasion of a workshop of performance, during which they could benefit by the intervention of several performance artists. During these workshops they have gradually committed teamwork. Since that time they have been working on developing a body language in their respective practices. They also regularly work as a collective, on performances and installations. They question the social codes, stretch them, destroy them by putting them in situations such as a meal, a ritual performance, to see the emergence of a new life.

Projects 2011

– Performance/installation Dessert, executed for the space ? Or Nothing ? (Brussels). – Performance ? Empoilissement ? executed for the ? Festival Trouble ? in the ? Halles de Schaerbeek ? (Brussels). – Performance ? Radeau ? executed in partnership with the Cultural Centre of Ath.


– Performance/installation „Oedipus Rex” at the Varia Theatre – Performance „Fragile” executed for the ? Festival Trouble ? in the ? Halles de Schaerbeek ? (Brussels).