Radioda ? a duet improvising on radio recevieres, existing since 2008, consisting of two brothers ? Mikolaj and Piotr Tkacz.

Mikołaj Tkacz (br. 1991) ? comics drawer, musician, head editor of independent comic magazine ?Maszin?, currently he is studying on Faculty of Visual Arts in Academy of Art in Szczecin (course: Multimedia).

Piotr Tkacz(br. 1985) ? writes, mostly about music, leads a broadcast, organizes concerts, exhibits and records. He is the co-creator of a project Kurort, Revue svazu českých architektů, Stupor, he is opend on variety of improvisional meetings, and also performs text and graphic scores.


Radioda creates music of what seemingly is not music; plays on devices, not instruments, because it believes that there is also an artistic potential in them. It uses something, what is constantly present all around ? radio frequency, gives shape to the stream of ether.