Petro Ryaska was born on August 14, 1975, Transkarpatien region, Ukraine.

2004-2009 Stadies by Transkarpatien Art Institut, by painting faculty, in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. (Teacher by trade Wyacheslaw Prychodko).

Works in painting, performance and object. Is activist and makes realization of group art projects.

Important personal exhibition:

”The Road”, performance, project, gallery ”Tymutopiyapres”, Lviv, 2014, September 2.
”Vibrations of Werkchowyna” (Werkchovyna space), object, painting, bastion gallery „Art na muri”, Ivano-Frankivsk, 2013, August.
”Vibrations of verkchowyna” ( Werkchovyna space), object, soot black, gallery „Corridor”, Uzhhorod, July, 2013.
”Idea that will be felt”, Lviv, „Detenpyla” gallery, object, cadmium red, 2012, April.

Other projects:

1.02.2015- 31.07.2015 resident art program „Gaude Polonia”, Poland, Poznan (kurator Janusz Baldyga)


Is organized group projects:

Personal Artist web page: