I nourish myself from daily life as an inspiring element for my work, perhaps because I am not much imaginative and have always had my feet on the ground. That „daily nature” in my performances is not only on what I say, I never liked boastful speeches, but on how I say it: with my presence, in the spaces I choose and with the materials I use. Let’s say that from the tangible reality I like building up different stories.

„Form”, the formal structure of each performance, is very important for me. Because if the form could be separated from the content (what is said and how is said) which I doubt, in my work that element that we could name „narrative”, it is not a conscious proposal but a „manifestation” of the unconscious, of my own myths and fears, of what I am and the time and circumstances I live in and, as I see it, uncontrollable and untouchable.