Monika Szydłowska (b. 1983, Warsaw). In 2011 Monika Szydłowska completed her master?s degree at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan. During the latter part of her studies she worked as an assistant professor in the conceptual drawing studio. Her practice entails performance and painting. Monika has participated in several festivals including the International Art Festival in Piotrków Trybunalski and Accion!Mad in Madrid. Monika?s practice often regards fear and threat as well as health and safety legislations. She attempts to escape the theatricality of performance, embracing mess and spontaneity yet avoiding pathos.


For sometime I have been enamoured by the idea of and problems concerning universal fear and emergency situations. I?m inspired by instructions regarding how to behave in emergency situations and health and safety legislations. How is it to be contrary to these instructions? My practice is in some way a research into ?where is fear??. My new work ?Hold on tight? analises how a disregard for safety can be tantamount to disrespect for all involved.