Milijana Babić (b. 1974) is a freelance artist based in Rijeka, Coratia. She received her diploma in fine art in South Africa, and her MA in Slovenia. Originally trained as a sculptor, working with installation, performances, actions… She is a long term collaborator of the City of Women Festival, Ljubljana and works as an associate assistant lecturer at the Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka. She has exhibited on numerous shows and festivals in Croatia, throughout Europe and South Africa.


Starting point of my work is my own position as an individual and an artist, in a society which doesn’t care about the individual and doesn’t need artists. Personal struggles and challenges become triggers for various projects, which more and more include my presence. Ambiguity, irony and aesthetic minimalism are constants in my work, while public space remains my favourite studio / exhibiting space.


photo: Nada Žgank