Since 2005, daily life and performance art are the main source of my research and art pieces. In my work I deconstruct ordinary quotidian practice to analyse patterns and traditional schemes of doing things. The performance art platform (time x space x action x context) is a powerful tool for me to think the process and the final result, which can be installations, objects, video, photography and also performance pieces. I like to create unusual ways to see the common things, combining different disciplines and playing with its similarities, differences, contrasts and harmony, to purpose new lenses to see/feel/think reality.

Recurring themes:

  • factors of identity and belonging
  • imagery of contemporary daily life
  • (how) to be in the world
  • permanent state of crisis


He was born in Sao Paulo in 1978. Graduated in Graphic Design, started with performances through photography, doing self-portraits since 2002. Since 2006 Shima has been doing performances focused on daily life rituals and his own history background (descendants of japanese parents, both from Okinawa, Japan), and has been invited to show his work on Argentina, Poland, Holland, Germany and Japan.