Lives and works in Krakow. Student of Intermedia Department, Academy of Fine Arts.

Last performances at the XIII Interakcje Performance Festival in Piotrkow Trybunalski (BBB Deimling workshop); Aesthetics & Bias, Jerusalem – Krakow; Hommage à Kieślowski Festival in Sokolowsko; Blauverschiebung4 in Leipzig.

Creates mainly in the disciplines of performance, video and object. Now, diploma year in performance art at the Intermedia Department.


KYNCBRAŁT, a projection or phantasm, in both cases a conceptual construction basing upon the femme-enfant/child-wife motive, its archetypical qualities and its connection to the alchemical process (the process of projecting a psychic content on materials). It is a attempt to find 'a home’ in the fluctuating process of nympholepsy, the desire for something unattainable; creating a stable psychic construction, a house for ones phantasms.