Artist name is Ko Z and real name is Z Hkawng Gyung. Born in 1973 at Taunggyi, Southern Shan State, Myanmar and nationality/race is Kachin. Live and work in Yangon, Myanmar. Start painting and designing since 1999. Already done up to 40 group art shows including painting, installation, performance, natural art and others. Since 2006 to recent time produced 3 poem books and one cartoon book. Since 2002, done 4 times in solo art shows. Since 2007, participating art event among regional area such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Recently art activities are making natural art/environmental art among Yangon and country area and doing performance art in several times.



Most of my thinking is basically on human being’s destinations? (internal and external) and at the other side I am strongly seek and think on the permanent manner of human being (right time-eating ?, right time- sleeping?, right time- doing, right time- speaking, right time- awaking and etc..).Thus, in some time, I willing to made burning myself as internally and externally. Try to keep my soul away from ” Robotic-machine societies”.