I was born in 1984. I am a daughter of Bogumiła, sister of Katarzyna, granddaughter of Irena and Czesława. I am an artist who identifies with audio visual performance art and anti-fascism. The manner in which I communicate my research is not verbal, and the most activity is most definitely to be found in the surprising connections between the foci of my interest, in both the academic and artistic spheres.The aim is not to explain the issues discussed, but rather to make progress in their analysis by creating a proper environment. This is a conceptual but also physical study — art is very often not even a language, but what is occurring in its field, through real and deep involvement of the artists, translates into scientific progress; translates into social change.

MAGDALENE ON RAPE CULTURE AND F-16 FIGHTER JETS, Tyranny and Culture Wars, Grace Exhibition Space, New York, 2017
zdj. Miao Jiaxin

I make use of poetry, repetition, laughter and pro-peace activism, which supply models for new behaviors. But first of all, I believe that abstract is revolutionary and that we must nurture the abstract rather than make a liberation theology of reason and through that stand for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion, property and government. What I believe is social order based on the free grouping of individuals.

As the recipient of the Fulbright U.S. Student Grant I graduate from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) in their MFA in Performance and Performance Studies program (2018) so now I have two art school degrees (MFA, Art Education, 2010, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland). I am PhD candidate in the University of Fine Arts in Poznan and recipient of the three-year long scholarship for young researchers awarded by Polish Ministry of Science.  I have participated in projects, collective exhibitions and performance art festivals in Poland and abroad (among others, in Bratislava, Belfast, Berlin, Edinburgh, Kaunas, London, Lviv, Madison, New York, Istanbul, Jerusalem/Tel-Aviv, Skopje, Tartu, Zagreb). For more information visit my website https://cargocollective.com/karolinakubik


Let's talk about your parents..., during The Uncanny Valley Ranch, Pfizer 630, New York, 2017
zdj. Federico Savini