The sky, the sun, wind, water, soil, a stone, a plant, an animal. And we, human beings…
The earth is angry at aggression and the destruction that are the human being state of things, development and evolution and hears that the sun cries.
We scramble for life. Besides, we suppress own life. Suicide.
What will the thing which lost it be? What will the thing which I have left be?
What will the thing which has been out of order be?
The sky, the grand, ancestors teach it for me. What is the rich, the freedom, the love ?
The performance art teaches me, human being original beauty.

She participate in a project of each, an event with three main interests and organized it. She announced the work by a performance and installation. Environmental problem – „Kawaguchi Art move”, Asia- „Asian Youth Imagination,”, „Kawaguchi Asian Art Project”, woman – „only women artist event”. In that she organized „Asian Youth Imagination” in Japan, and Indonesian artists had the second in Indonesia. In Indonesia, She performed a street performance in downtown and a temple, an abandoned village or a rice field. She performed Ireland (2005) China (2006, 2007) Philippine (2008, 2010) Korea (2009), Indonesia (2009), while doing a plan in the country and production.