I took up performance because of my contextual theory as well as my experience with dance, body movement and gesture ? which I used to do the action.

For me text, installation, photographs, the exhibition that comes from it all, and the live action together create the whole. It is characteristic of today?s art, however.

What is the main difference between art now and art in the past ? well, before, the role of the spectator was to recognize what the artist wanted to say. Spectator or listener had no active role, only passive. Today this role is an active one. The viewer is either incorporated into the work, as it happens sometimes in performance, or has the freedom of interpretation, is able to find something in art just for him. Because everything changes so quickly, our meetings are short, so what really matters is space, time, ambience; not some kind of permanent state, but being in the exact moment, here and now. And also the valuation and the sensation of what is now. We don?t discuss values; we don?t say what is right or wrong. Everyone has their own criteria and they cannot be judged, as we don?t have a common point of view. Of course, we can like something or not, but that?s private. We don?t have a common language. We are meeting people of different cultures. Art is in operation now, in this particular moment ? it evokes a certain emotional state, brings out associations. We ourselves are constructing our reality, but not necessarily in harmony with the one in which we were previously functioning. That?s how it is at performance festivals.