Inari is visual artist concentrating in performance and action art. She has been performing since 15 years in Asia China & Indonesia, Africa Mosambique,Europe Italy & poland, Cuba Havanna, Russia ST Petersburg & Baltic countries. She is interested in Public Art Interventions & her Performance ?Follow me? in Helsinki 2008 was involving 12 people. She also participated in ? Reindeer safari? a project which won the Environmental Art Prise of 2011. Reindeer safari moved in the suburb of Helsinki. The participants had studied the habits of reindeers and moved and rested like herding reindeers. Inari  had Retrospektive Exhibition in November 2011 In Helsinki.  She presented her performance art practice with video- and photodocuments and organised performance event with ten guest artists. Also Videodocuments from her international artist friends were shown during the exhibition in screening event.


During my art studies performance became the possible art form for me. I had life-experience and I wanted to use it. My inspiration comes from my nomadic moving life and Africa years ( 8 years alltogether). I enjoy being part of international performance art world.