Title : And DADAt’s the way it goes

Visual, action art and poetry artist, Hugo Nadeau was born in St-Zacharie, Québec, Canada in 1981. He now works and live in Montréal. Considering the centenary of the Dada movement (1916-2016) and the context of a new performance in Europe, he will present a project deeply related to Dadaism and including circumstantial and absurd jokes (like slapstick) that almost automatically gets accepted by the audience because of the officiality of the performer’s presence. His works always include a certain amount of humor and irony, workhorses of the Dadaist art. The performance „DADAt’s the way it goes” will be an euphoric and unpredictable series of small numbers, comedies and performative dead-ends to mesmerize the audience in a continued questioning and waiting.

Website : hugonadeau.com