Restauracja Europa is a curatorial-artistic or artistic-curatorial group, established unconsciously in 2000 by Stanislaw Piotr Gajda and Gordian Piec. Consciously, it has been operating since 2003 or 2004. In 2005 joined Mariusz Marchlewicz and Olga Nowakowska. RE realizes collective exhibitions, actions and interventions. Using all accessible artistic tools the Group moves across various media – from painting, through installation, photography, video, poetry, to ? finally ? performance. The open formula of membership and activity is fundamental for the functioning of the Group. The key creative moment is the REUNION, meeting of people of diverse ?beauty? at the place of presentation. The GROUP activity of RE is a symbolically limited space used for the recognition of reciprocal experiences and interpretational abilities. INDIVIDUALLY, it is an investigation of the dependency between ?the inside? and ?the outside?, between the ?I? of the person and the ?I? of the group. Is it artistic or curatorial, or curatorial-artistic, or more artistic, or more curatorial? Or how is it altogether? And is it needed?If it is so ? then for whom? Or if not ? then why? And for what to ask those questions. The doubts arise anyway but what?s the point dwelling on it.


RE searches for rhythms, sounds, gestures and colourful bubbles in the wind.

RE gets involved into discussions, however, doesn?t have to be always understood and has no intention to convert anybody.

RE opens umbrellas that, although perforated by the rhythm of minutes and years, can, at least for a moment, give a hint of closeness and safety.

RE does performance in order to become conscious of anxieties, reciprocal relations and moods. When we go out to the street we feel surrounded by haste, tension, hostility and fear. All people around look for their securityzones, shield themselves and turn back.

We never know in advance what we want to do. If we did, the action wouldn?t have any sense. A description, a poem or a newspaper article would suffice.

Working within a public space and in interaction with others allows us understand what bothers us.

Descriptions we leave for later.

We look for interaction and reaction.

We don?t make plans.

We are spontaneous and open.

We don?t know what?s around the corner