My training as an artist began as a child in Italy in the news-magazines and newspapers owned by my family.

There I made a startling visual culture, guided by my curiosity and my desire to keep abreast of what was: travel, newspapers, photographs, heart, art, politics, psychology, cinema, pornography, comix ?

As an artist I investigate the possibilities of art of action as a form of communication.

Currently and in the last seventeen years I live in Bilbao near Victoria, Light, Peace and Zoe that they are my family. Economically we do not live with art, but we live in art.

?art is for me something natural
something I need to live
to feel alive
to be what I am
or what I would like to be
this thing of live art
seems to me almost banal
I think art is a human activity
like others dedicate themselves to medicine
to brickwork
to bookkeeping
to charity
to voluntary work
and in consequence
I dedicate myself to art
it?s something I?ve been doing since childhood
it fills me
it fulfills me
it makes me feel a person
it makes me feel alive
and useful to the others
it?s what I like to do
but I don?t know if I know how to do it
and so
this thing of art
of action art I sucked
observing people

I do what I think I have to do
but still I?m not so sure that the way I do it is the best way
I am on the crossroads