Marta Bosowska  (born 1984 lives in Poznan) Carries out object- installations and mostly performance. Interested in memory as the medium and component of the process of the work’s coming into beginning. Her actions depict incessant searching, sorting, collecting, based on emotional content evoked through sign, sounds and places. The artist taps into simple gestures, situations, objects and materials surrounding humans in their daily lives, which, here acquire new meanings.

Actually she is focus on explanation of the terms of ‘remains’ and ‘rest’ as an integral part of performance act. Remains function as traces, objects, evidence of an act, and the act itself. She  treat remains also as a stage prop, a matter, the rest of something or somebody, something which is located between past and present. She attempt to introduce the term of ‘remains’ in the process of artistic act. Therefore, remains function as a collection of scenes, pictures or existences; as an object signifying the presences of a human being, even if a man is physically absent.  In her works she wants to settle what remains mean in artistic creation and raise a question of the autonomy of remains in this process.

Curently she is working on Performance Art Studio in University Of fine Arts in Poznan with Janusz Baldyga. In 2016 she made a PhD – performance and sculpture.