BEATE LINNE is a visual artist born 1967 in Germany. She is mainly working with performance art and installation. She studied Fine Art, Architecture, Pedagogy, as well as German language and literature in the University of Kassel, Fachhochschule Hildesheim and University of Hildesheim. Since 2007 she has performed internationally, given workshops, lectures and co-organized the International Performance Art Festival Blow!


 Linnes’ work investigates core issues of life and the condition of being a human through creating live-actions with her body. Her performances often test the corporeal and mental limits of herself, questioning the social manners and learned norms of behaviour.

By using her body as a tool of creating powerful live-images, Linne considers performance as an opportunity to express herself in her on going examination into the ideas of freedom and conventionality of thought. At the heart of her work is an encounter and exchange between people: a possibility to initiate alternative and bold thinking processes.

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