Bartosz Łukasiewicz (1981) is an independent visual and performance artist, curator and theoretican of art. He also works as an art director. His artistic activities concerning modern society conceived in therms of interactive and performative actions and movements between people. Mostly he is working on performance art but at the same time this is not performance art in traditional meaning. During his works and actions he uses different kind of media as well as audience to create a path of communication betwen them through art, language, gestures and space.


Most of Łukasiewicz’s actions were consider as a form of dialogue and interactive game where is no winners or loosers. At the same time all of his present actions are shifting the borderline between a notions of an artist and publicity. The result of this thinking is to convince the publicity to be the artists; to put art in their hands; to let them decide what is and what is art not. Some can say that this kind of art is called 'happening’ others – that this is just an interactive performance – but the truth is that it is neither happening nor performance. It is also not theater. This is a pure information which is realized by people through creative activities.