My Performance art is very connected with my life and my life is nothing special!

It is being – and like all being it is a summation of energy trying to survive.

Interesting is, that I am searching for a language to talk what is, what happens, and try to open eyes, but also open hearts. And I talk and communicate in an honest way. I am sorry for being a bad liar, I am sorry that the truth is mostly bad news!

Good luck is that there are lots of angels, thank you so much!

This is a chance to survive!

With my performance art I found the language to talk, a chance to think about and I work for being angels, in FOR / OF / WITH.

FOR is in memory to somebody, trying to support somebody; in OF I take somebody?s idea, I am inspired by somebody; and in WITH I am in cooperation, work in exchange with other performance artists.

March 2010, Basel