Born in 1948 in Grajewo.

Studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University  in Torun.

Artistically active in the fields: performance, intermedia.

Acts in performance since 1979.

Currently associated with the environment of Szczecin.


1978 established group „A” in Torun  under which organizes a lot of events and exhibitions.

1979 – 1981 cooperates with the Center of Open Theatre „Kalambur” in Wroclaw.

1980 – The National Symposium of Open Art – parateatr fulfills Parateatr monument and spectacle Corporal and Heater Concerto

1981 – 1986 organizes and leads the „Centre of artistic activities? in Swinoujscie.

1992 – 1994 Co-organizer of the international project „Gaja – Four Elements ”

1995 – 1999 Initiator and curator of the international festival of performance „LAWN”

in Szczecin and Cologne.

2000 – 2003 Organizer of the international project „Art migration”

2003 – 2005 Co-founder of international projesct ?Art impact?

2005 – 2011 Curator of International Performance & Intermedia Festival

(Szczecin – Berlin)

2005 -2011 Curator of the international festival of video art „PI five” in Szczecin.


Participant of several editions of the international forum OST – West Germany and

numerous international projects, inter alia:


LP 11 ? CCCB, Barcelona

Performer Stammtisch, Berlin

Blauverschiebung, (Leipzig – Germany)

Performance Art Platform, ( Tel-aviv, Izrael)

TRAWNIK, Molkerei Werkstatt ? Kolonia (Niemcy)

Distance 777, Gallery 68elf (Kolonia – Niemcy)

Selfportrait, (Rosario, Santa Fe ? Argentyna , Neapol ? Włochy)

Bridge Ost-West, (Belgia, Holandia, Niemcy)

Salz arm, Berlin

Galerie automatique, Szczecin-Berlin-Strasburg

Gaia Cztery Żywioły, Gerlesborg (Szwecja)

Graspiloten, (Broellin ? Niemcy)

Hybrid project, (Münster – Niemcy)

Kophar surreal, Berlin

Coincidence, (Kolonia-Niemcy)

Ultramarine, Muzeum w Greifswaldzie (Niemcy).

Waiting, (Ärhus – Dania)

Performance S-pur, (Siegburg – Niemcy)

Raumtrieb 2001, Berlin

Międzynarodowe Biennale Sztuki ?NEWS? ? (Szczecin)

IV Międzynarodowe Bałtyckie Biennale Sztuki (Szczecin)

V Międzynarodowe Bałtyckie Biennale Sztuki – projekt Private Impact (Szczecin)



Identity- I see a threat, that through the ? decay of memory?, it may be blurred in reality, that surrounds me.

Body is a physical and mental reality, that copes, during action, with previous experiences

Performance, enables me to play with a time. Gives me a feeling of ability to affect the course of past actions,

modify them, disconnect them from ?the source?, build new configurations and transfer them to the space of reality.