Upside down (Do góry nogami) is a durational presentation exploring self-portraiture through a variety of media: painted images, video and my interaction with the audience.

Initial idea devised during my residency in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 2006. Subsequently presented in Krakow, Helsinki and Tel Aviv, it was specifically adapted and recreated for presentation at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow in March 2010.

For 12th International Art Festival INTERAKCJE I invite the audience to experiment and create their own unconventional self-portraits.

Attaching the terms self-portrait, self-image, auto-depiction or self-representation to Live Art practice is problematic and complex. How much personal identity should be recognizable to be called self-image and what elements of the artist?s psychological self remain? In this exhibit I aim to engage, articulate and question what motivates the artist to allow their physical presence to act within and animate a presented work of art.

Presented her distinctive movement based / video / installation work internationally between 1983-2008. For many years she was a regular visiting lecturer at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She was also a freelance organizer of live art events in Ireland, and for 10 years was based part-time in Spain. Between 2004-2007 she had a Research Fellowship at the University of Ulster in Belfast focusing upon artist?s use of self-image. In 2008 she retired from performing live and is currently based in Krakow working solely on paper.