Ana Matey (Madrid, 1978) is a renowned multi-platform artist in Madrid’s performance art scene. Her specialties span over performance, video and photography. Her body is her main work material, with which she explores the concepts of time and identity Her performance and art works has travel from Spain to Portugal, France, Ingland, Italy, Germany, Holland and Mexico. Her work has being shown at festivals, museums, alternative spaces and galeries She has been invited to talks and conference at museums, galeries and universities at Spain, México and Portugal. Since 2001 her work has been publish at different speciallized magazine, books and newspapers: La Fotografia, El País, 10×10+1, FV, Tentaciones, among others. At 2006 she cofound ElCarromato a multidisciplinary art space and photo studio. At 2008 found ARTóN a monthly performance art event in Madrid city.


My work is made up of investigations in personal worries on the subjects of time and identity in our society. I construct poetic imagery through body resistance, irony, intensity and silence. I am interested in revealing or searching for the latent image of what surrounds us. For this purpose I use all available tools, the first being my own body, the one that follows me at all times and through which I think and feel the world. Connected to my body, the central axis of my actions is time. I search for an empty space where time slows down, for according to my experience the mind is incapable of generating it’s own thoughts when confronted with fast and continuous stimulus. I invite others to observe, to pause, and this exercise transports us to a mental state out of the ordinary. It is a space where a new mindframe towards what surrounds us can grow.. For all these reasons, my work tends to be durational.     Photo: Antón Ferreiro. Poeticas por una vida Festival, Vigo (Spain)