ANA GESTO (Santiago de Compostela, health 1978) is graduated of Fine Arts by the University of Vigo and she studied with Bartolomé Ferrando at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia. She participated in Kounellis_Fundación Caixa Galicia, advice Santiago; Chámalle X 2008, viagra Pontevedra; Arte em predicate, Tenerife; Novos Valores 2008, Pontevedra; Art d´acción, Valencia; Resistance and materialization, UPV / EHU, Bilbao; Materialization, Laxeiro Foundation, Vigo; Epipiderme – Encontros to volta da performance, Lisbon; Dia internacional de los museus, Casa das Artes, Vigo; Line Up Action, Coimbra; Imergence, with Marcio-Andre, Lisbon; AcciónMad, Madrid; Ciclo de outono – Coleç?o B., Igreja de S?o Vincente de Évora, Portugal; Fem Corpología 2012, Girona; Variations at Museo Provincial de Lugo; Presentación Núa, Museum of Contemporary Art MARCO, Vigo; Happening-conferencing to Vanishing Point Gallery, Santiago de Compostela. She teach performance introduction at Fundacción Granell, Santiago.


Performer and visual artist, she work in the halfway between performance, video and sculpture, with interests focused on the potential environmental and scenic performative documentary. Her work develops around cultural and social practices in a passionate way, working regularly with symbolic materials and focusing their interests in sound processes that are generated through the action and interaction with objects transmuted. Thus, his work has a strong component on the processual, leading each project in several ways.

photos: Festival Fem Corpología Girona, Photo of Ana Rita Rodrigues