The idea of the festival

The idea of the festival appeared for the first time in 1998. In the Europa restaurant - then still functioning as a gastronomic and social place - during dinner after the unveiling of the plaque commemorating the symbolic transfer of the center of the world to Piotrków, Ryszard Piegza said: Why not here!

A few months later, we visited Ryszard in Paris. On our way to the subway, we walked down avenue Montaigne and somewhere near the house once inhabited by Marlena Dietrich Richard said: So let's do it. He separated the functions and offered the first names. Back then, unaware of the power of the interoperability machine set in motion, for the first time we felt exactly what we wanted. The Piotrków performance art festival was conceived.

In May 1999, the first INTERAKCJE International Action Art Festival was released. Previously, the International Artistic Meetings TRANSLATIONS took place in Piotrków. So, for several years now, artists from all over the world have been coming to the city to present their achievements, to discuss contemporary art, to interact with the inhabitants and the place - to create art!

When preparing the next editions of the festival, we constantly face new challenges regarding its future, forms of evolution that it should undergo in order to maintain not only its own image but also the timeliness of the presentation. Interactions systematically consolidate their position on the map of contemporary art events. At the same time, they retain their freshness and spontaneity, attracting more and more supporters and opponents.

The INTERACTIONS festival is also an attempt to record the clash in a symbolic place - the World Center - with the powerful energies of several dozen artists and a special city.

Energy exploding like a volcano, as impossible to capture as performance art.