Wojciech Kowalczyk

Wojciech Kowalczyk. Doctor of fine arts in the discipline of fine arts. In his work, he is interested in the issues of performance art, in terms of its evaluation to such genres of art which, having the characteristic of performance - the artist's speech, acquire methodological autonomy, through the formation of specific features of evaluated performance, in its name, definition, methodology of performance, and the theoretical basis of this evaluation. Author of art genres that are evaluated performance; ARX art, ALO art, GHNO art, PROMT art, IMIT art, NUN art, PLEN art, Ne art, Occult art. Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, the Young Art Art Association, the Association of Artists of Other Arts. Initiator and curator of the "Bydgoski Spichlerz Sztuki Performance". He took part in dozens of appearances and exhibitions in Poland and abroad. For his artistic activity, he received the honorary distinction "Meritorious for Polish Culture.


Posted on

17 September 2020