Waldemar Piórko (Poland)

Waldemar Piórko (Polska)

In my performance activities, I take up various topics, pills also examining the various means of expression and types of narrative that are available and used in live art on every occasion, but if I were to present any problems that are closest to me, it is certainly the body.

The body is understood not as a creation of nature - a biological structure, but rather as a cultural organism, created by culture.

Through the language of the performance, I refer to the role or position of the body in public space.

My name is Waldemar Piórko, I was born on Friday, March 18, 1983 in Pszczyna. I started to deal with art - although I was fascinated as far as I can remember - only some time after graduating from high school, and I have been studying performance for only a few, maybe four years, so I am a rather fledgling performer. Currently, I am studying at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in the Intermedia Department, and I am doing a diploma at the Art Institute in Cieszyn, where - going beyond the current program - I was taking my first steps towards performance art. I organized my own presentations and in the space of the? KLATKA? I conducted performance workshops with Adam Molenda and Jarek Skutnik. Gradually, a scientific circle was also formed, which I chaired, which allowed for the extension of the workshop formula to include visits of invited guests and trips beyond the walls of Alma Mater. Krakow, in turn, gave me the opportunity to study in the vicinity of artists whom I previously "studied".


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1 May 2011