Vida Simon

Vida Simon


Vida Simon's works have been presented all over the world in all places? galleries, seek hotel rooms, medstore in shop windows, theaters, on roofs, in former synagogues? Recently, she has been active at the ZAZ Performance Art Festival (in Tel Aviv and Haifa), at the 9th International Performance Art Festival (in Giswil, Switzerland) and created Catastoria, a multi-layered performance / installation in a former stable (in Motreal). In 2012, she conducted projects in Slovakia, Poland, Wales, Germany and Canada. He collaborates with other artists and conducts workshops. Vida is from Montreal and currently lives on the island of Fogo off the coast of Newfoundland.



Through drawing, writing, gestures, objects and sound, I create performances and installations sensitive to the context. My works consider the tension between intimacy and theatricality, often operating at extremes, for example live drawings, or by placing the body in relation to miniature worlds. My work is an improvisation and considers how to compose a space in which the audience can feel and even become part of a living image. Recent performances incorporate live drawing, for example painting with charcoal for a few days, or on a projector? a moving image that presents itself in front of the viewer's eyes. For me, drawing is the most direct way to express my interest in visual storytelling, a process of discovery, a way of wandering and pondering.


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5 April 2012