Valentine Tanz / Vala T. Foltyn

Poetic choreographer, post_trans_ witch, queer shaman, priestess of love, and activist. Founder and curator of Lamella the house of queer arts and Kraków Art House. She is a graduate of Shahara Dor Artness - Home and School for Movement (Israel) and Performers House (Denmark). She studied anatomy and philosophy of dance under Anna Halprin (pioneer of postmodern dance) in California. She also graduated in cultural anthropology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. She has performed and lectured in Poland and abroad - Sophien Seale at Tanz Tage in Berlin, The Finnish Hall in Berkeley, Zachęta in Warsaw, Ujazdowski Castle, CCA, Bunkier Sztuki, Shefter Gallery, MOCAK in Kraków, MSN in Warsaw, Bergen Assembly, Salzburg “Strike Gently Away, Shelter Festival in Helsinki.

Vala is a transdisciplinary artist for whom art and life are an inseparable process. As a modern witch, she deals with magic, poetry and choreography - as she calls it - strategies of subtle resistance: “My magic has become, above all, a political strategy and an artistic activity. I have ceased to distinguish politics from art, my body from the social body, home from public space, dance from performance, theater from visual arts. Magic - or rather its choreography - is my thinking, my being in the world, my revolution, my celebration and my victory. When I gave myself completely over to intuition and emotions, I felt that this is where my true femininity opens up, and at the same time a deep healing process begins. It was in this process that I saw myself - a real woman, a witch, a priestess, a holy and divine woman, as well as a strong and independent Wolf. The earth gave me relief, gave me a boundless space to shed tears, in which anger was mixed with subtlety and poetry. " I believe that witches and priestesses of love have always been engaged in subversing power, causing chaos in the existing reality, drilling holes in the mind of the patriarchy, making those whom they wanted to rule fall in love with each other. My sorcerer's power comes from my source, my vagina, my bowels. Once I started to understand this, I was practicing auto-love, auto-pleasure, auto-bliss, auto-adoration and felt tenderness and joy permeate my body and mind and radiate to the whole world at the same time. I also knew that any act of intimacy I indulged in is a shameless act of corruption against the world of the gods with whom I made love every night. "


Posted on

24 September 2019