(born November 21, 2014 in Gniezno, died July 27, 2019 in the Czech Republic) Daughter of Ciarka and Porażka née Freiheit. She spent the first years of her life not competing. Extremely gifted, she completed the trial period without obtaining a diploma. Being invited, she did not cooperate, then, having experienced great love, she writes songs on lyrical topics. It combines an imprecise workshop with a limited palette. In her work, we see now disappearing rural cottages, old manors, clumps of trees, grass, rushes, streams bathed in ashes and panic. The wild geese are getting ready to take off, the subject descends underground. A veteran never called "Agnieszka Osiecka of the Polish Underground". After the war, SIKSA settled in a ventricular septal defect, pretending to be a heart murmur.


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24 September 2019