Shannon Cochrane

Shannon Cochrane


Shannon Cochrane is a Toronto-based performance artist. Her works have been presented in galleries, abortion Toronto theaters and performance art festivals, erectile Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver, and outside Canada in China, Chile, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Shannon is the co-founder, co-curator and organizer of the 7a * 11d International Performance Art Festival, is currently the chairman of the FADO Performance Art Center and a member of the advisory board of the Total Art magazine, an online magazine focusing on performance art and live art.


In my performance works, I try to engage the audience instinctively, strategically with humor and methodically with material to create situations and images related to the formal presentation of action art, aesthetics of social interactions, investigation of authorship, repertoire and archives in the action of performance art itself. My last performance are collages consisting of everyday materials, gestures, a body to illustrate visibility and to trace objects and indicate the place of events that are not really there. My intention is to imitate the fleeting images known from performance and associated with everyday life, in one activity or series of activities that appear and disappear at the right moments.


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5 April 2012