Sandra Sterle

Sandra Sterle


Sandra Sterle (born 1965) is an artist currently working as associate professor of performance and film at the Academy of Art in Split, Croatia. In 1989, she graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb, and then continued her studies at the Film and Video Department of the Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf in the years 1995-1996 (with Prof. Nan Hoover). From 1991 to 2000 she lived and worked in Amsterdam for her activities, receiving commissions and grants. From 2000 to 2001 she worked in the USA. She presented her works in galleries, medical at festivals and other venues since 1995. Her works have been mentioned in the most important monographs of Croatian video art like? Frame by Frame ?, cough "Personal Cinema Program", "Insert" as well as the Dutch "A short story of Dutch video art". Awards / Presentations: 1996 Basis Beurs; Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1997 Shave International Art Workshops, Somerset Symposium: International views on the artist's place; Gasworks Gallery, London, UK britain 1997 Bogdanka Poznanovic's award? best young video artist, VideoMedeja, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia 1998 Basis Beurs; Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1999 ArtsLink Residency, Wexner Arts Center, Columbus, USA 1999 Werkbeurs, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2001 Future of the Present; Franlkin Furnance, New York 2001 ArtsLink special project? Go home? Individual exhibition; New York 2011 Mariska Avedon, exhibition, VN Gallery, Zagreb 2011 APPARITON OF VIRGIN MARRY, City of Women, Ljubljana 2011 TRANSIT, Perform-d-ANCE, Varaždin 2010 RE: RE: RE: RE: RE, exhibition, MKC / Multimedia Center , Split 2009 NEW PATH TO THE WATHERFALL, presentation, Prozori Gallery, Zagreb 2009 NEW PATH TO THE WATHERFALL, performance, Dopust Akvarij, Split 2008 Nausea, performance, Dopust, Akvarij, Split 2006 WONDERFUL CREATURES, exhibition (in collaboration with Dan Oki) Krizic-Roban Gallery, Zagreb 2005 INTEGRATIONS / who wants to play ?, exhibition, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Hungary 2004 NA Dini / ON THE DUNE, exhibition, Jabłonka / Luehn Galerija, Cologne, Germany 2004 ZONA, performance, Kazamat, Osijek , Hungary 2003 ON THE DUNE, Modern Gallery / studio? Josep Racic ?, Zagreb 2001 SOUFLLE / BREATHING, exhibition (with Heike Mutter), Optica Gallery, Montreal 2001 go_HOME project (with Danicom Dakić), Location 1 Gallery, New York 1998 ROUND AROUND, exhibition, Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb 1998 TO FORGET TO REMEMBER AND TO KNOW, projects (in cooperation with Dan Oki) Amsterdam College, Amsterdam 1997 ROUND AROUND, broadcast, PARK4DTV, Amsterdam 1995 TRANSFORMATION CULINARE, happening (with Dan Oki Ivo Martinović, Luka Stojnić) Gallery W139 Amsterdam


I derive rituals from life and deal with various forms of uprooting while I question my own emotional attachment to images as key forms of manipulation. Using my identity in the form of a fictional self-portrait with a different social background in some of my works, pointing out the differences between my own experience and the images created by the media. The identity of the medium can be manifold, which can be seen as I explore the ephemerality of human life, the impact on process-oriented works of art, sometimes even eluding complicated ways of documentation. photos: Vlasta Žanić


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April 10, 2012