Rita Marhaug (Norway)

Rita Marhaug (Norwegia)

My approach to performance - from the very beginning? was based on the basic tool which is the body, bronchi which means minimal use of items, props. The everyday language of physical behavior and a certain body normativity are my main sources of inspiration, and specific body parameters are often the subject of my actions.

I also hope that I am able to awaken quite a wide range of reflection in viewers. The body was the raw material of both my earlier artistic investigations in terms of, for example, femininity and masculinity, and the newest: the issue of value and value of money.

In individual activities, I have been using both my experience of practicing sports and being a mother and artist for over 20 years. It helps me to give the actions a specific and clear shape, but also establishes them in terms of problems that seem important to me.


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1 May 2011