Ramon Churruca (Spain)


Ramón Churruca was born in Bilbao in 1964. He belonged to an important family from Las Arenas. From childhood, he showed an interest in comedy, film and pornography. He studied at school Agustino, Padre Andres de Urdaneta, describes this place as a concentration camp. There was a rule in football culture: if you don't play, you're gay or weird.

WITHInspired by the work of Doug Hall, at the age of 20 he went to the United States to study experimental film in Art Institute of San Francisco at the department of performance / video. The stay in this city broadened his horizons. Despite this, Ramón discovered that social class divisions also existed in the world of artists. The allegedly liberal world turns out to be really conservative. It's a recurring idea in his work.

After returning to California in 1989, he played under a pseudonym Ramon Quantalagusta in gallery Bilbaro Safi in the urban space Las Cortes. The first performance by W. Botxowhere artists such as Bada, Alberto Safi and also Alex de la Iglesia participated. In this gallery, Churruca spoke for the first time about the discovery of the new Bask: El Technoaldeano Urbano (Urban Technoist), an illuminated messianic figure that mirrored the figure of a Basque politician - Ibarretxe for those who wanted to build a giant bidegorri euskaldun where they could carve their paranoia.

For Ramón, performance is declared madness. It requires a lot of mental work and written preparation. He creates a list of guidelines, which he modifies by observing the events taking place. The audience needs directness, closeness and movement. After Technoaldeano Urbano (City Techno-Peasant), Churruca created himself as Olentzero Farlopero, Siames Separatista, he also created a character Negrugiby putting on the mask of an old man. It often turns out that the topics he discusses are reflected in reality. Ramón makes his creation dependent on the subject matter. This is how he was born Negrugi. He is the devil. How Euskal Herria of PNV views ancient society Neguri. I am 100 years old. This has to do with the operation of the Bilbao class system and in the art world. For there to be winners, there must be losers. One of his greatest passions is film. Ramón considers himself a good observer, despite creating fictions of others but not his own. He has made several short films and acted in dozens of films, always with special collaborations. Alex de la Iglesia was counting on him El día de la bestia, Muertos de risa y Crimen Ferpecto. Despite Alex, Churruca thinks he's better as a performer.

Despite John's calmness and stubbornness, Ramón turns into overactivity, madness and destruction when he enters the fight. In his shows, he tends to undress, come face to face with the audience and criticize everyone. His criticism is fundamentally aimed at society, nationalists, the public, or even himself. He makes fun of everything and everyone, but he doesn't consider himself crazy: "They think you're crazy because you do things that compromise external systems."


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8 May 2011