Radio (Mikołaj Tkacz, Piotr Tkacz)

Radioda (Mikołaj Tkacz, Piotr Tkacz)


Radio? improvising duo on radio receivers, ed existing since 2008, ampoule which consists of brothers? Mikołaj and Piotr Tkacz. Mikołaj Tkacz (born 1991) - comic book cartoonist, look musician, editor-in-chief of the independent comic book magazine? Maszin ?. Currently, he is studying at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Academy of Art in Szczecin (specialization: Multimedia). Piotr Tkacz (born 1985) - writes mainly about music, hosts a broadcast, organizes concerts, performs and records. He co-creates the projects Kurort, Revue svazu českých architů, Stupor, is open to various improvisational meetings, and also makes textual and graphic scores.


Radioda creates music from what is seemingly non-musical, plays on devices, not instruments, because he believes that they also have artistic potential. It uses something that is constantly around? radio waves, gives shape to a stream of ether.


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18 April 2012