Piotr Kumor

Piotr Kumor (1984)

Coming from Imielin, living and working in Tychy. A graduate of socio-cultural animation at the University of Silesia (Cieszyn). Founder of the TCR Theater Artistic Group. Curator of the Tychy Performance Festival. In his artistic activities, he explores the limits of body exploitation through pressure exerted by ideas and / or on the contrary.


Artistic practice:

So far, the author of 40 performances presented e.g. at: ARTeria PIERWSZY STRZAŁ in Częstochowa, READ Festival in Częstochowa, Theater Festival Without Borders in Cieszyn, Performance Circle of Time Festival in Toruń, Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec, Film Review Kino Na Granicy in Cieszyn and Czech Cieszyn, Tyskie Festival of Performance.






Posted on

17 September 2020