Peter Grzybowski

Peter Grzybowski


Peter Grzybowski is a painter born in Krakow, health multimedia and performance artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Since 1980, he has made a considerable number of performances, adiposity collective and individual exhibitions, case installations and multimedia works on five continents. He has been living and working in New York since 1985, and currently works also in Krakow. He belonged to the AWACS and Konger groups, works in the PAAS art associations, Fort Sztuki and IAPAO (International Association of Performance Art Organizers); he is the vice-chairman of the Kesher Foundation and curator of the Kesher performance in Krakow.


He refers to his performance works as multimedia compositions in which he combines techniques belonging to different styles. From 2000 he started using computers and new media in his performances. Usually, audiovisual projections and live activities are synchronized with a computer. The essence of his performance is as a rule based on the surrounding reality: phenomena and events taking place around, sometimes of a social or political nature, or in the present or historical context. It uses photography, video, sound, television and internet content, combines them with dramatic effects such as breaking glass, light bulbs or computer monitors. cinematography: Shalom Neuman, Johannes Deimling, Andrzej Grzelak


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11 April 2012