Nieves Correa (Spain)

Nieves Correa (Hiszpania)

My work nourishes with inspiring elements of everyday life, perhaps because I have no imagination and have always kept my feet on the ground. This "everyday reality" in my performances is expressed not only in what I say - I have never liked boastful speeches - but also in how I say it: in my presence, in the spaces I choose, in the materials I use. Let's say I like to create stories from tangible reality.

The most important thing for me is the "form", the formal structure of each performance. If, as I doubt, form could be separated from content (what is said and as said), then in my work this element that can be called "narrative" is not a proposition of consciousness but rather a "manifestation of the unconscious" and myths, what I am and the time and conditions in which I live, and therefore - from my point of view - it is something uncontrolled and elusive


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1 May 2011