Natalia Wiśniewska


Natalia Wiśniewska is a graduate of the Fine Art Academy in Poznan, During the studies she was granted with scholarship four times. In 2008 she has received Marshall's of Voivodship Scholarship in the Field of Culture.
Graduated with honors - her diploma was representing the department on XXX Edition's Contest of Maria Dokowicz. Natalia's thesis was realized in prof. Stefan Ficner's workshop.
'In art I don’t take a stand on beauty. I’m interested in language’s potential. Carefully I observe spatial borderline between nature and culture. What interestest me is the influence of private experiences on interpersonal dialogue. Art for me is a medium in creating something meaningful. Variety of forms with how I characterise my works follows from the dialogues I use in life.’


- Galeria Działań, Warsaw, 2009/2010,
- Stara Rzeźnia, Poznań 2010, Artenalia,
- Performance THXIEHB LVIV 2010 Festival, The Week of Art in Lvov 2010,
- Ujazdowski Castle in Varsav, European Festival of Performance Art EPAF 2010,
- Institute B61 / "Czas Retencja", as a part of Festival of Art and Science in Toruń, 18/04/2011,
- Art Townhouses Wet.Lab / ALE! BYDGOSZCZ ... VIDEO ART / Curator, cooperative in organizing festival as a part of Congress of Culture in Bydgoszcz 2011, 29 - 30/09/11
- Institute B61 / The Start ComeBack, 14-15.12.11,
- Center Of Young Art In Częstochowa, Festival of Performativ Art 'OFFsceniczny', 13-14.04. 2012

- Gallery Stara Wozownia, Toruń 2009, Laboratory,
- Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Poznań 2010,
- Stara Rzeźnia, Poznań 2010, Festival Muzikanova,
- Gallery Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow, 06/05 - 31/05/2011, Mesotes - Eukratos Anomalia,
– Galeria Wschodnia, 31.03.2012, performance 'Things not worth – while ’




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April 13, 2012