Moe Satt (Burma)

Moe Satt (Birma)


Born on July 20, 1983 in Yangon, Myanmar / Burma.

He is an Artist of Visualization and Performance and the founder and organizer of the international performance art festival Beyond Pressure, which takes place in Burma, in the city of Yangon, where Satt lives and works. He began presenting his art work after earning a degree in zoology in 2005. Initially, he showed his works in galleries and in the urban space of Yangon. He participated in rare performative activities in Burma (Beyond Pressure), Thailand (Asiatopia), China (Open), Malaysia (Open Street), Indonesia (Perfurbunce), Philippines (TAMA), South Korea (Gwangju IPAF) (KEAF ), Japan (MCAF), India (KHOJ), Cambodia (PETA Mekong), Vietnam (In-Act), London (Artevict). His performance uses hands as the main means of expression. Moe Satt was also one of the artists working in: Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, Hooyong Performing Art Center in South Korea and Groung of Zenkoji Temple in Japan.


My performance uses my hands as the main means of expression. The reason for the involvement of hands in my art is an event from the past. When I was a child, my mother told me that my hands are longer than anyone else's, they reminded her of an artist's hands. Then I decided to become an artist when I grew up. I have a habit of watching my hands move, especially when making art, and passing it through my hands.


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8 May 2011