Mladen Miljanović

Born in Zenica on June 16, 1981, he graduated from secondary school in Doboj. After high school, he attended the Reserve Officers School, where he obtained the rank of sergeant. As a sergeant, he trained 30 privates. After completing his military term, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Painting, BA-MA) in Banja Luka, where he now lives and works.

photo by Sandro Pignoti

He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and here you can find selected projects and solo exhibitions: Vojvodina Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad (Serbia), 2017, "In Low Flight" ACB Gallery, Budapest (Hungary), 2017; "In My Parents Bedroom" RS Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka (BiH), 2017; "Delict in Absence" UP Gallery Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 2016; "At The Edge" ACB Gallery, Budapest (Hungary), 2014; "The Garden of Delights" 55. "La Biennale di Venezia" BiH Pavilion at Palazzo Malipiero, Venice (Italy), 2013, "Good Night - State of Body" MC Gallery, New York (USA), "Good Night - State of Body ”“ A + A Gallery, Venice (Italy), 2012, ”Service Museum“ MUMOK, Vienna (Austria), 2010, ”Occupo”, Neue Galerie Graz am Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz (Austria) 2007;

Winner of the "HenkelArt Award" 2009, "Zvono" 2007 and the RS Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka, 2005.

photo by Zlatko Uzelac

At The Edge 2018-2011

This dangerous and risky performance reflects the difficult and uncomfortable position of both the artist and the social relations from which he comes. At the same time, the position of the body is between two realities, the one protected inside the building and the peripheral, brutal, dangerous reality outside. In this performance, the artist's body is placed between these two realities, being a link between two separate sides and worlds. At the same time, it is the link between these sides with the possibility of collapsing, still struggling at the edge of this transition point.

At The Edge is a performance in which the artist stands / hangs on the edge of various buildings. It usually occurs on the buildings of museums, galleries, religious buildings or public institutions.

photo by Cshaba Aknay


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25 September 2018